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The Ultra-Micron

Fresh Squeezed Water ™
Exclusive U.S.
Patent Des. 290638

The Ultra-Micron ® filtration system’s EIGHT STAGES combined ultra-filtration with submicron reverse osmosis and Absorption filtration to produce high-quality drinking water for the home.
The contaminants or other substances removed by the Ultra-Micron® are not necessarily in your water. Laboratory testing is needed to determine content. The technologically-advanced Ultra-Micron® has evolved from many years of field testing and experience.  Manufactured under rigid quality control standards, the Ultra-Micron® guarantees gallons of good tasting, “Fresh-Squeezed” Water™."

The eight functions of the Ultra-Micron ® Hyper-Filtration Drinking Water System, combined with the four functions of the Hydro-Quad, provides your family with a total of twelve functions, each designated and designed for specific filtration purposes.

We can’t bring you the fresh air – the sound of the wind – the scent of the pine trees or the trickle of a creek, but we can bring you the quality of water you deserve the way Nature meant it to be.